How to Ease Students into the Second Semester

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Jan 30 2017

Winter break has come to a close and it’s time to hit the books again. While teachers may be ready to get back into the swing of things, students are often not so eager to jump into the second half of the school year. Here's how teachers can help ease students into the second semester.

Set a Solid Plan for the First Week Back

Setting a firm lesson plan for the first week back will ensure you stay organized, which means no panicking or scrambling around to remember where you left off. Students often react to a large workload by doubting their abilities and shutting down, so be sure to take it easy that first week. You may want to spend time reviewing what was learned first semester and doing fun, more creative projects.

Stay Enthusiastic

No matter how stressed out you may be or how much you wish you were still on winter break, remember to stay positive and energetic. Students will feed off of their teacher's energy, so an enthusiastic outlook will make a world of difference.

Give Incentives

When it comes to getting your students motivated, try offering incentives in return for a job well done. This can come in the form of a fun activity, a small prize or even a snack. Whenever a students meets a deadline or does a good deed in the classroom, an incentive is a great tool for encouraging the behavior.

Take Plenty of Breaks

Young students can get burned out quickly when too much work is placed on their shoulders, and that's especially true after a long break. To keep your kids interested in their lessons, be sure to take breaks frequently to let them recharge and breathe for a while before jumping into the next thing.

Take a Field Trip

Everyone loves a good field trip, and taking a trip during one of the first weeks back after break can be a great way to ease students into the second semester. Be sure to send a reminder to parents right before or during winter break so that they remember the trip is coming up.

What are your tips for easing students into the second semester? Share them in the comments!

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