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May 8 2017

While your first purchasing decisions may be related to the student and teacher desks and chairs in your school, it’s important to make sure your janitorial staff are well-equipped to do their work as well. Here’s a look at some of the things you should keep in your school for cleaning staff to use on a daily basis.

Waste receptacles are a crucial part of any public space, and schools are no exception. From large mobile dumpsters to tiny bathroom stall cans, there are shapes and sizes for every room in your school, and for the outside of the building too!

Cleaning carts help janitorial staff get the job done with efficiency. From mobile mop buckets to multi-tier janitor carts with built-in waste receptacles, the options within this selection are plentiful.

Floor mats keep your carpet clean. From entryway mats made to keep dirt at bay to runners designed to prevent slipping on a hard surface, floor mats are crucial for a school setting, and most options are durable enough to use for years even in a high traffic setting like a school. Your janitors will thank you for them!

Vacuums and sweepers are also a must-have, being that they help cleaning staff keep dust and debris where they should be—in the trash. Investing in multiple sweepers and vacuums will ensure that you always have them handy.

Cleaning solutions include soap, sanitizer, and various types of clean agents that can remove dirt or grease from any surface. Keep your school well-stocked with every type of cleaning solution needed to ensure you never run out when you’re in need.

Step stools and ladders come in a range of sizes to help you get to those hard-to-reach places.

Hand trucks and dollies make moving a large stack of tables or chairs at the same time possible. Not only will staff be able to transport large quantities of furniture quickly using these tools, but they will be able to do so safely as well.

First aid supplies are extremely important to keep on-hand in any public facility, but especially in schools where accidents are common. Don’t forget eye wash stations for science labs!

Crowd control is commonly used in school lobbies and cafeterias as a way to show where a line starts and ends. Utilizing these tools will keep high traffic areas organized, resulting in less mess for your staff.

Storage should be provided for janitorial staff, and plenty of it. Though different types of storage may be used for different purposes, we recommend metal units for most as it will be the most durable and the most resistant to stains and spills.

Safety products such as gloves and goggles are also a good idea to keep around so that your cleaning staff will be able to get into challenge places and use harsh cleaning chemicals such as bleach in a safe manner.

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