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May 15 2017

Outfitting an art room in your school? Be sure to consider the right furniture and space planning before you buy. There should be enough space around the tables and chairs in the room for students to move freely while holding their artwork so that they will not bump into anyone else trying to work. Here is some of the furniture to consider for your school art room.

Activity tables will be used by most students, and there are dozens of sizes available to suit students of all grade levels and art rooms of all sizes.

Drafting tables have a slanted top that makes drawing more comfortable. Consider these units for more advanced art students and college classrooms.

Stools will provide a place for students to sit while they work. There are plenty of options to choose from, including adjustable height stools, chairs on wheels and stationary options.

Storage options are endless and include flat files for drying artwork, roll-up files and units designed for storing art supplies. You may also want to consider carts for housing pottery and other 3D art as well as carts that can make accessing art supplies easier.

Anti-fatigue mats can be incorporated into the art room in areas where standing for long periods of time is necessary. These floor mats reduce stress on the legs, making standing more comfortable.

Easels are an affordable alternative to drafting tables and can be very helpful to students working on a painting project.

Light boxes make tracing easy. These types of tools are commonly used in elementary schools to help teach the basics of drawing.

Lamps can be added to table tops to help illuminate a workspace.

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