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Aug 7 2017

Whether you're outfitting an early childcare facility or a university, certain types of furniture are a necessity for creating an environment that encourages learning and a sense of community among students. From simple stack chairs to modular activity tables, furniture that facilitates better learning is Virco's specialty.


School desks from Virco have a simple but functional design that both students and educators will appreciate. Standalone desks are typically adjustable in height via manual leg adjustments, and most Virco student desks include storage in some capacity, be that via a lift lid or an open front book box. If you prefer student chair desks in which the chair and desk top are attached to one another, Virco's got you covered there too. As with their standalone desks, Virco's student chair desks typically include storage in the form of a rack beneath the chair seat or a book box attached to the desk portion. 


Stackable chairs are Virco's specialty, so you've got plenty to choose from in this assortment. From simple molded plastic options to mobile chairs and stools, Virco chairs offer a wide variety to suit educational facilities of all shapes and sizes. Need to furnish your school nurse's office? Virco also manufactures first aid beds for nurse stations. 


From activity tables in fun and funky shapes to training room tables that adjust in height, Virco does it all. Facilitating group collaboration between students is a breeze with Virco tables which are not only modular and versatile, but affordable as well.

Storage Cabinets

From flat files and wardrobe cabinets to bookcases and art room storage, Virco has storage solutions to store most items in your classrooms. Teacher cabinets are constructed of durable wood laminate and roll on heavy duty casters for durability and ease of use. 

Want to learn more? Shop all of the Virco school furniture we have to offer or give our school furniture experts a call at (800) 527-2417 for more information. 

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